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    Miharayasuhiro F/W 2014

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    Are there anyone cuter than Yudai Chiba? (Hunny-Senpai) from Ouran High School Host Club… He is too kawaii!! ^_^

    milouri Thought I’d share some more Yudai Chiba with you~
    @xxnostalgicxx ahhhhhhhhh >_______
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    This particular set doesn’t make the rounds on Tumblr much, probably because it’s a bit darker in tone - I think it drives the point home a lot better. 

    Why is the white person in there………

    i like how the redneck costume is also being worn by a white person. how can you possibly try so little to prove your shitty point

    rednecks are, arguably, the most oppressed and persecuted people in all of human history.

    TRYNA KEEP MY HEAD DOWN but i think that image specifically refers to appalachians who, though their plight does not compare to that of PoC in this country, are systematically and historically poverty-ridden and disenfranchised, and are arguably discriminated against as evidenced by most kentucky colleges offering accent removal classes

    (still doesn’t compare to PoC in america tho and the costume doesn’t contribute significantly to a larger culture of oppresison)

    OPRESSING THE REDNECKS what kind of bull shit is this? honestly… This is the dumbest thing ive seen on my dash all day I hope I don’t see it again